Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New experiment of swarming aggregation on real robots

We have done some experiments to test algorithms of swarm aggregation. Basically, we would like to see how our robots can maintain their connectivities when we use probablistic directional communication as the attractive forces. We also manupulated the environment to observe how robots can search their swarm and how the swarm can gather their lost members.

The results are quite opministic!

The first experiment presents how three small scatted groups will cluster into united swarm.

The second experiment confirmed the robustness of swarm aggregation

The third experiment presents how robots can search their swarm and how they swarm can gather their lost members. To do that, we manipulated the environment during the experiment

EU proposal in FP7-ARGI : ICT-WAT

The lab participated in an EU proprosal in FP7-AGRI named "ICT-WAT: Information and Communicaton Technologies in Sustainable Water Resources Management in Argiculture". The project proposal is about using wireless sensor network to optimize the usage of the water on the field.
The partners are:
1. Agricultural Universtiy of Athens (AUA), Greece: Coordinator
2. Agricultural Research Council Research Unit (CRA-SCA), Italy.
3. Aalborg University, Denmark
4. EPSILON Italia SRL, Italy.

The total budget is about 300.000 Euro in which AAU will take 120.000 Euro