Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Spring 2011 project proposals

The More-than-One robotics lab has a number of project proposals for IAS2, IAS4, NDS2 and ES6 students in the Spring semester 2011.

1. Modelling and Control of Robot Formation and Transformation
2. Modelling and Control of Schooling Fish Behaviours with the Presence of Predators
3. A Heterogeneous Team of Mobile Robots for Surveillance and Coverage

1. Modelling and Control of Bird Flocking

NDS2 and NDS4
1. Self-organized Ad-hoc Network of Robot Swarms
2. Deployment and Optimization of Mobile Robotic Sensor Networks

Bachelor Project (6th semester)
1. A Chain Formation of Mobile Robots: Modelling and Control
2. ONE Wheel Balancing Robots: Modelling and Control

You can download the proposals from your semester website or drop an email to Trung. You are also welcomed to come by Trung's office for more info and discussion (C2-211, email: DUNGNT at ES dot AAU dot DK)