Principal Investigator:

  • Trung Dung Ngo, Ph.D (Aalborg University), M.Sc (University of Southern Denmark), B.Sc (Vietnam National University)

Current Postdoctoral Researchers:

  • Xuan Tung Truong, Deep Learning for Socially Aware Robot Navigationsince 2019. 

Current Graduate Students:

  • Hung Pham Duy, M.Sc (VNU-Hanoi): Self-deployement Strategy for Heterogeneous Robotic Systems in Unknown Environment, since 2011. 
  • Bacha Rehman, MSc (Pakistan): Human-Robot Social Interaction in Proximities, since August 2015. 
  • Hamed Bozorgi, MSc (Iran): 3D perception for Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration, since May 2019. 
  • Truong Nhu, BSc (Vietnam): Swarm Movement in Dynamic Environment, since May 2019. 
  • Mark Henderson (NSERC-USRA): Socially Aware Motion Planner in Dynamic Crowds. 


  • Josh O'Niell (NSERC-USRA): Phonic Robots (now at UPEI for his BSc in Engineering)
  • Tyler Matheson: Robotic Snow Remover (now at UNB for his BSc in Engineering)
  • Tung Van Le, Ph.D: Modular Robotics - Communication and Routing Protocol, March 2017 (Now Assistant Professor at Dalat University, Vietnam).
  • Tung Xuan Truong, Ph.D: Socially-Aware Robot Navigation, April 2017 (Now Assistant Professor at Le Quy Don University, Vietnam).
  • Mohamanmd Iqbal, Ph.D: Hierarchical Structure and Control of Multi-agent Systems, March 2017 (now Assistant Professor at Islamic International University, Pakistan). 
  • Adnan Fida, PhD. Throughput Optimisation Mobile Sensor Networks, July 2015 (now Assistant Professor at COMSATs, Pakistan).
  • Emerson Chua Kah Kheng: Phonicbot - a robot that teaches phonics to children, April 2016. 
  • M. Hadi bin Bujang: Gamebot - an edutainment robot, December 2015.
  • Catherina Binti Awang Takon (BSc). Synchronisation of Distributed Robotic Systems (now working for DST, Brunei), May 2015
  • Nurrul Hafizah Bte Awg Arrifin (BSc): Logistic Multi-robot System in a Warehouse, May 2014
  • Hjh Siti Fazriana Hairiani Binti Hj Noordin (BSc), Logistic Multi-robot System in a Warehouse, May 2014
  • Chiam Mei Ying (MSc): Narrative Game Design, May 2014.
  • Martin Maiboom (MSc): Robot Formation and Transformation with Local Sensing, Master thesis, 2011, (now PhD student in Germany).
  • Fabriee Arribat, Antonine Oum, Remi Spehner, Jørgen Kvernøy Døhlie (MSc group project), Dancing with a Swarm of Robots, project of semester 8, 2010.
  • Simon Bjerg Mikkelsen and Rene Jespesen (MSc)Robotic Swarm: Development and Formation, Master thesis, 2010 (now Hardware engineer at Grundfos A/S).
  • Kåre Nørby, Anders Pedersen, Rasmus Olsesen, Roald Christensen, and Martin Kolding Andersen (MSc group project ), Collective Loading and Unloading of Robot Swarm into Human Impassible Environments using Characteristics Dependent Relative Positioning Method, project of semester 8, 2010.
  • Donatas Poteliunas, Edvinas Bazaras, Darius Belejavas, Gytis Valatka, Tadas Davidsonas (MSc group project - 10gr830): Directional Signal based Collective-Decision Making, project of semester 8, 2009. 
  • Casper Hillerup Lyhne, Erik Baasch Sørensen, Lars Jespersen, Marc Westring Krogen (MSc group project - NDP-772): Network Protocol Stack for Robots in a Scalable Swarm, semester 7, 2009. 
  • Bjarke Freund Hansen, Dennis Hilmar Kristensen, Jakob Sloth Nielsen, Thorbjørn Borup (MSc group project - 09gr870): Network Link Optimization in Swarm of Mobile Robots,  project of semester 8, 2009. 
  • Yihan Pan (MSc): Implementation of Robot Swarms: Formation and Collective Behaviours, Master thesis, 2007. 
  • Hector Raposo (MSc) Coordination Control of Multi-robot Systems, Master thesis, 2005. ( now PT Engineer at Grundfos A/S).
  • Mathias Schmidt (MSc project)Coordination control of Multi-robot Systems,  project of semester 9, 2005.