About us

The More-Than-One Robotics laboratory has been established since September 2008 by Dr. Trung Dung Ngo. The lab aims at serving teaching and research activities in robotics and intelligent systems at the Department of Electronic System, Aalborg University, Denmark (2008-2011) and the Faculty of Science, University of Brunei (2011-2016). Since 2016, the lab is associated with the Centre of Excellence for Robotics and Industrial Automation, School of Sustainable Design Engineering, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

The lab has been equipped with a number of large-scale and small-scale custom-made and commercial robot platforms, various electronic and measurement equipment. Several robot platforms have been designed and developed by the lab because we could not find similar platforms with the same quality (with reasonable price too!) on the market.

You may wonder what does "More Than One"mean? A simple answer is the term"More-than-One" implies:
1) We never work with only one robot because we are guys working on multi-agent robotic systems. 
2) We never work with only one person because we are working in team.

We welcome scientists and researchers for research cooperation. We are happy to assist you to work with your theorem and algorithms on our robot platforms. We wish to have opportunity to work with you in national and international projects.

Your comments and questions can be directly shared on the blog, or indirectly by sending an email to the lab manager: trungdung (_dot_) ngo (_at_) gmail (_dot_) com.

Our robot platforms December 2013:

3 x MoreHuman platforms for human-robot cooperation projects
Lelf: 1 x Kangaroo mother and 8 x their children for heterogeneous systems projects
Middle : 16 x MoreMobile platforms for swarm and formation projects
Right: 2 x MoreTruck platforms for online system modelling and identification projects

Our robot platforms (before 2012):

The new platform being modified for the human-robot interaction project. 

9 x tank-like platforms with integrated infrared sensing and communication
8 x Tank-like platforms with layered integrated infrared sensing and communication

1x Kangaroo mother platform
1 x single-wheel balancing robot
Modified RoboMop platforms with the sensing and communication board developed by the MoreLab

Our lab space

The new laboratory with our "new toys". Can you guess what it is?

The experimental arena
 The control table and component shelf

Some of our real experiments

An experiment of collective-decision making using small robots

An experiment of swarm aggregation attracted by light source