Open Positions

Graduate students should always contact the tentative supervisor to discuss about a research topic to prepare a research proposal.

The MORELAB.ORG is always seeking talent and self-motivated graduate students (PhD and Master). Applicants with strong background in Electrical Engineering (e.g. electronics, networking, communication), Computer Science (e.g., software engineering, sensor networks, pervasive and ubiquitous computing), Mechanical Engineering, Control Theory (e.g., modelling and control of dynamical systems), Image Processing, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (e.g., machine learning, evolutionary algorithms), and Applied Mathematics (e.g., ODE, PDE, Statistics and Probability for system modelling and analysis) are preferable. Your handful experiences in software engineering, e.g, C, C++, Java, and computing languages, e.g., Matlab, Mathematica, Maple is asset. Your previous research experiences and scientific publications in the related research fields are big plus. 

Feel free to contact Dr. Trung Dung Ngo (trungdung (_dot_) ngo _at_) gmail (_dot_) com) for further discussion on research topics as well as application preparation (a research proposal must be enclosed in the application). In your email, please indicate the topics and projects you are interested in and explain why you are interested in such projects (your own idea is also welcome). 

Research topics: 

A. Topics in Multi-agent and Multi-robot Systems:
1. Modeling and Control of Human-Robot Swarm Cooperation
2. 3D Formation of Multi-agent Robotic Systems
3. Self-Deployment and Exploration of Multi-agent Robotic Systems in Unknown Environments
4. Animal-Animat Interaction/Cooperation
5. Robot Swarms for Under-water Services

B. Topics in Human-Robot Interaction/Cooperation
1. Cognitive Perception for Human Safety and Comfort in Human-robot Cooperation
2. Learning by Demonstration in Human-Robot Cooperation
3. Life-long Learning for Mobile Service Robots
4. Cooperative Learning for Service Robots 
5. Sociable Robots

C. Topics in Robot Motion Planning and Control
1. Modeling and Control of Self-balancing One Wheel Robot
2. Hierarchical Control of Heterogeneous Swarm of Mobile Robots for Fast Exploration and Displacement 
3. Fleet Formation Control of Heterogeneous Swarm of Mobile Robots
4. Deformable Formation of Mobile Robots
5. Motion Planning and Control of Mobile Manipulators in Human Friendly Environments. 
6. Learning Model of Cooperative Underactuated Robots. 

D. Topics in Modular Robotics
1. Morphology Control of Multi-agent Modular Systems
2. Interactive Game Design by Modular Robotics
3. Physical Rehabilitation and Cognitive Therapy by Playful Games using Modular Robotics
4. Intercommunication and Routing in Reconfigurable Robotics
5. Adaptive Learning in Reconfigurable Robotics 

E. Topics in Mobile Sensor Networks
1. Optimization and Control of Large-scale Mobile Sensor Networks
2. Communication-aware Optimization of Mobile Sensor Networks
3. Mobility-based Optimization of Mobile Sensor Networks
4. Epidemic Information and Synchronization in Mobile Sensor Networks
5. Fault Detection and Tolerance in Mobile Sensor Networks