Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Two new project proposals selected by 7th semester IAS student

- The first group will work with new robots for a project: "Dancing with robots". At the end, we expect that the robots will response to human body acting whist maintaining their attitude automatically (mainly heading synchronization in this project). Moreover, we expect that the swarm of robots will dance according to musical melodies played by human.

- The second group will work with a heterogeneous group of robots for a project: "A swam of Kangaroo robots". The project is about a marsupial robot (Kangaroo mother) loading and unloading their offspring giving advantages of fast deployment and withdraw for searching and rescue in hazard environment. The mothership will carry small robots and deploy them in an narrow area that the mother is not accessible. In this project, two research subjects of multi-query and cooperative control for loading and unloading offspring are emphasized.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Successful Master thesis defence

Congratulations to Simon Bjerg Mikkelsen who successfully defended his Master thesis in swarm formation.
He graduated with a very good mark. This result is as acknowledgment to his research contribution to swarm formation. During the thesis, he published two conference papers. This is exceptionally good result for a Master degree.
Once, congratulations to Simon and wish him a bright future!